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Everyone is unique.
At Nefer, this uniqueness is pushed to its zenith.
Our jackets are the fruit of deep expertise.

1. Design

The client participates in the design of the jacket down the smallest detail. He chooses the elements to be personalized: fabric, buttons, lapels, stitching, lining…I am there to support him and aid him before taking measurements and understanding his shape.


2. Pattern Drawing

This is where the magic happens! I make each pattern individually. It is an art that searches for the perfect look, moving between a template and the patron’s shape.



3. Fitting on cotton

With the unique pattern completed, I sew it using cotton fabric, to then have a fitting that precisely determines the client’s curves and allows for a perfect line.


4. Final fitting

With the pattern finalized, we can cut the fabric chosen by the client. The jacket has the collar and sleeves added temporarily, as these are the two most important parts which determine the final result.

5. Shipping

Buttonholes, straps and topstitching are done by hand just prior to the jacket being completed.
No product is sent off without rigorous checks, as perfection is the goal for each jacket, a true obsession at Nefer.


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