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My story

My story is that of my generation, born in Paris but of African origin.
I am from Benin and Togo, France was my education. Very young I had to fight between his two identities, but I was still carefree and naive.
Adolescence was a stage of awareness, of finding my place in this world, it was a period of learning of the history of Africa and the first identity crises ensued.
Knowledge and knowledge liberate, and this was my case, liberating me from my frustrations to build me, it’s my period of self-determination, that of knowing who I am without being against others.
My experiences as an apprentice in a big fashion house like Camps De Luca, Lanvin or Smalto allowed me to immerse myself in the traditions of French savoir-faire and luxury.
Twirling with time, accompanied by the change, Nefer is a dance whose melodies have soothed me.


Nefer is like a peace treaty.
Two identities, two worlds but only one work.
The beautiful, the perfect, meaning of the name Nefer, are the souls of the house, creativity, elegance are the backbone.
These ingredients offer you the know-how of the house, from its creator Daniel TOHOU, traditional tailor.
The NEFER house innovates by creating for the men’s wardrobe, a perfect alchemy between the French crafts and the materials of the African continent.